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Suppliers of swords, clothing, equipment etc:
Nine Circles UK based retailer of iaido and kendo equipment and swords
Tozando Japanese retailer of swords and budo equipment
Shadow of Leaves US retailer of swords, koshirae, maintenance and sword making supplies, and a whole lot more. Great service!
Aoi-Budogu Co. Canadian retailer of iaido equipment, including swords
Sword Store Supplier of iaito and sword related materials
Associations and Dojos:
Minato Dojo, Lydd, Kent Muso Jikiden Ryu dojo based in Lydd in SE Kent. Dojo leader Dougie Evans, Godan.
British Kendo Association The governing body in the UK for Iaido, Kendo and Jodo .
The BKA pages for iaido and jodo can be found here .
Yushinkan Dojo Netherlands based Shinden Ryu dojo
Sei Do Kai - University of Guelph Kim Taylor's site from Canada
Shin Bu Kan Hungary Web site for the Budapest dojo (in Hungarian)
Iaido and Kendo Portal Links to other national organisations etc.
Miscellaneous - Glossery, Sword care, videos, etc:
Glossary of terms used in iaido Terminology used in the dojo - find out what sensei is saying!
Koryu.com Guide to koryu, the classical iaido forms
Fudebakudo The Way of the Exploding Pen!!!

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